Label founders Comunica return to their imprint this fall, with the Greeks delivering three sizzling techno cuts in the form of '8Bit Lullaby' EP. Title cut '8Bit Lullaby' kicks things off and sees Comunica combine a medley of intricate organic percussion patterns with bumping low ends and breathtaking vocals to form an infectious groove, whilst 'Yan Cook’s remix' quickly raises the tempo as Yan introduces a driving bassline guided by shimmering glitches and rugged kicks to reveal a production destined for the peak time. On the flip, 'Di.Capa’s remix' strips things back to basics and unveils a bright, bubbling lead touches, whilst subtle nuances and regimented percussion skillfully go to work in the background of the track. ‘8Bit Lullaby’ EP addresses to every techno flavor and is destined for dance floor greatness.