Yan Cook is an artist you probably already know but if you don't, discovering him is a pleasure nonetheless.
The Techno Ace from Kiev has taken the whole Europe by surprise with his own fully distinguished style which is immediately recognizable from the first seconds of a track: heavy and sometimes smooth dancefloor techno with haunting atmospheres and striking basslines. Let's see what more we can learn about him

The Messenger :  Hello Yan and thank you for your great music. 1st things 1st. What got you into DJing and Producing?

Yan Cook  : Long story short, It was curiosity, I badly wanted to figure out how they make such an awesome sound on a 

computer, at about 15yo I've started to play around with DAWs, 2 years later I got my first release and in 2 more years was my first gig 🙂

TM : Speaking of travel, your work has taken you all around the world. Where do you think you had the maddest party scene?

Yan Cook : I love playing in different places, every city, every club has its own vibe and atmosphere.

As long as people come and dance, I'm very happy.


TM : Every release we get from you is always of high quality. As a producer you are always evolving. What is 

different on your new tracks and what will never change as it is part of the Cook musical DNA?

Yan Cook : Thanks a lot for the compliment!Well, I'm always trying new things, new chains of effects, new synths and so on, it keeps me interested, really love experimening with effects to discover something cool and original. Never say never, but the thing that I think will never change in my music is straight beat, broken beat is not my thing.


TM : A track that defines 'techno' for you?

Yan Cook : "Radio Slave - Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)" This early Dubfire remix is very special to me, I think my Techno love started from this track.


TM : Tell us about about your brand new label. What should we expect in the future? Is it difficult to run your personal record label nowadays?

Yan Cook : Yes, my label is called COOKED, at the moment I release only my own production but in the future I plan to release other artists as well. I have people helping me a lot with the label, if you're doing it on your own, it will be a challenge for sure.

It's a bliss having a guy like Yan to a Greek label . With a string of releases under his belt on some higly respected labels such as Delsin Records, Dynamic Reflection, Silent Steps Records and Planet Rhythm, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with and his signature tracks are definitely leaving a long lasting impression with his audience.

Here is a mix containing his remix from Comunica's latest EP "8Bit Lullaby". Listen with caution 😉

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