Debuting at Comunica and starting 2018, Droict offers up Epica Manga EP of vast and varied sonic states.
Get set for an intense journey from a dark and tense mood to an epic and positive state of mind.
Epika Manga EP it's about the brutal yet delicate ways through which life forces one overcome rigid patterns. And it does it through all synchronicities, encounters and accidents that speaks to both mind and soul, especially when one goes further looking for a deeper meaning. The tracks order speaks about this journey.
'Epica Manga' is like a dark descent to a post-apocalyptic, retro themed era, 'Ghost Hosting' is an immersion in the debris of this fragmented land, the acknowledgment of confusion, and the quest for an exit, while 'Open Horizon' is the feeling of knowing that there's always a way out, like entering a new territory, full of possibilities, strengthened by this tensed trip, but preserving the memories of it.
The dense atmosphere of Epica Manga is a created through sparse sound effects and eerie vocal samples, backed up by rolling acid bass riffs, slow motion drums and haunting melodies.
One foot in the past, one foot in the future and killing the present - a perfect and timely addition to the Comunica canon.

The MessengerHey Alex. 1st of all let me welcome you to the label. It is always good to have fresh air in the label. Please tell us a few words about yourself

Droict  : Hello and thanks for including me in the Comunica Records family, it's always good to be a part of a vibrant music community.

I'm a self taught producer and musician from Bucharest, Romania, and I have a very long and special relation with music in general, and electronic music in particular. I think music is freedom, and one of the gifts the universe gave us in order to communicate emotions and higher states at a different level. It's a beautiful thing that two or more people can connect through this powerful language, and it's a bliss when one feels it on the dancefloor 🙂

I started producing electronic music the moment I discovered the software tools designed for that, more than 5 years ago, and simultaneously ran a music blog. I had a lot of releases aired at an alternative FM radio station in Bucharest. Under the monikers of H Pavilion, E.R.M.S., Autsaider I produced tracks within a wide range of styles: from techno, house, downtempo, to electronica and dub. Generally I like to experiment with different styles, always trying to find combinations of sounds from different genres, so as to unearth and convey unique emotions and states.

TM : Epika Manga is like nothing we heard before at Comunica Recs. Tell us the story behind that beautiful EP.

Droict : I'm really glad you like it. Epika Manga was born out of the idea of an inner transformational trip infused with local energies. That means I let myself be inspired and influenced by the architecture of new buildings and (almost) ghostly residential areas from Bucharest, by some dystopian aspects of this capital of a former communist country, full of contradictions and struggling to find its way to civilization, and by the all pervasive feeling that, in spite of a dark political past (reflected in the present), everything will be ok in the end. So, beside its "political" side, Epika Manga is an EP which facet our own human adventure. One can hear the result and, hopefully, relate to it.

TM : Your home is at Romania. We know the electronic scene carving it’s own, very distinctive path, there. How do you see that scene now and in the future.

Droict : I think that the electronic scene in Romania grew fantastically within the last ten years or so. There are a lot of events, party brands, music collectives, producers and DJ's, and almost all are concentrated in Bucharest. There is already a traceable legacy within the global electronic music, with the Rominimal house style. I guess every aspiring young Romanian producer goes into that direction, so the future seems to be post-Rominimal. Sometimes it's quite overwhelming, because there are no counterparts yet, even if one can also name some other Romanian acts that made a name for themselves as true innovators in electronic music. So, the electronic scene in Romania is mature, but a little bit too inclined towards one or two genres (minimal house/tech-house), for commercial reasons. I think the more diverse a scene is, the better for all.

TM : The sound of all the three tracks of the EP were kind synth based. Which tools do you use to produce your music? Do you use Ableton , Logic or any other music production software/Hardware?

Droict : I wanted this EP to have an analog feeling and something of old machines and sequencers, so I used a beautiful yet simple free software for basslines (FreeAlpha), the Hybrid super VST synth of M-Audio, together with a Trigger Finger Pro sequencer and a lot of samples from the old and gold era of Juno. As a Digital Audio Workstation, Ableton Live is my choice. I mainly use MIDI controllers and audio software, trying to keep everything organized around my laptop.

TM : What we can expect from you in the future?

Droict : A lot of tracks are on the way, exploring everything form modern warehouse, intimate electronica, twisted house, techno and more, with a clear focus on melody, so stay tuned.

Droict believes these violent times need violent soundtracks that grow and pulse in roughness, in order to make you move between extreme emotions, as a mean for renewal and restoration. Forget the abyss, enjoy the ride

Here is a mix he made for the 10th (yeiiiiiiii) Comunicast 😉

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