Few people in the world can actually claim title of DJ, producer/remixer, artist, label owner/entrepreneur and party-maker all in one breath . . . and even fewer can master all of these roles at the same time . . . Tolis Q of Athens, Greece has done just that meanwhile having established himself as one of the industry’s most distinguished and hardest working individuals around the world.
Born as Apostolis Palantzas, presently known as “Tolis” who’s first love for music is transparent through his devotion to his calling; the reward comes in the shape of success having produced and signed tracks through his label Quantized music which have been supported by some of the world’s cream of the crop. We met him from his release at Comunica label "Keep on Movin'" wich was one of the most important releases of the labels as it involved other huge names of the greek music industry. 

Lets see what he has to say about them, his label and his self

The Messenger : How did DJing enter your life? What was the first incentive and when did you start your career?

Tolis Q : Djing for me started a few years after i started going to parties. Raves back then. There were not even different genres at that time. Dj was something like a magician. He used to make our night great and we tripped to his music. My first time behind the decks was spring of 2000

TM : You have walked a long road on the music industry all these years. What is your opinion about the quality of the dance scene in Greece. Do you see the standards rise?

Tolis Q : I don't think there is a steady course for music in our country. I think in the first years, Greece was a small paradise for the international club land. Big clubs, big bookings, quality parties and many people supporting it... later though this went downhill. Clubs went fewer and the party quality dropped. Now i think that the whole scene is small even though there are more people listening to that kind of music. Comparing with the older times, when the Greek producers were very few, now there are many more and many of them look promising

TM : Everyone was a toddler once and we had an idol. Did you have a DJ/Producer as an idol?

Tolis Q : Of course i had... and i had the honor to meet him in person and mix with him some times. James Monro, founder of the legendary "Flying Rhino". He is still active but for many years now we are walking different music paths. I still admire him...

TM : For anyone that doesn't already know, you were the mastermind of Quantized Music. Is it hard to run your own label afterall?

Tolis Q : I would say yes. especially if you are not living in a country with a big "scene", like Greece, or you are not a promoter (so you can invite to your parties the artists that you like or you know personally). But it's not something impossible to do, it needs patience, persistence and WORK!!! There are some Greek labels that  excel internationally and that's great. Musically we can compete out of borders. We don't have anything to be jealous of. 

TM : What did this Summer find you doing? You run some very interesting projects like Street Outdoors and we already enjoy 2 of your last works at Comunica and the Swiss Kumquat. On "Keep On Movin'" you joined forces with another "dinosaur" of the Greek club scene Mikele, and at the same EP there is a remix signed by Vangelis Kostoxenakis. I know that you are friends for a long time and you have walked the same musical paths many times. 

Tolis Q : First of all i have to say that apart from working with the Street  Outdoors project, this Summer i spend many hours in the studio. I just finished some new tracks and i have two more releases till the end of Summer. My cooperation with Mikele is something we have been discussing for a long time now before we finally make it. It needed a few mornings in the studio and the track took shape "Tsak Bam" (Greek expression for fast). I know Vangelis many years too... Something that most people may not remember is that the first release of Quantized music was with Vangelis and his project back then "Phatjack"! So when he was proposed as a remixer by Comunica i was really happy and the final result sutisfy us all. 

TM : Closing i would like you to share with us your Top 5 tracks at the moment

• Tolis Q Ft. Mikele – Keep On Movin’ (Vangelis Kostoxenakis Remix) (Comunica)

• Apollonia - Sona (Terrence Terry Remix) (Apollonia)

• Piers Crozier - Imperative (System2 Remix) (System2)

• Mason Collective Tee Funk - The Cure (Okain Remix) (Worx)

• Juliche Hernandez - Ten Years Later (Fantastic Friends)



He knows what he likes and what feels on the dance floor and translates that into his everything he does with music  albeit DJ sets, with the Quantized label, or the sounds he’s using in his next release.
Regarded all over Greece for DJ sets bursting with euphoria, style and attitude, always unleashing his potential with powerful dance floor sessions that serve as both unique and unforgettable experiences.

Here is the festive Comunicast he did for us . Check it out

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Thank you Tolis for this interview, Keep on Movin' man.

The Messenger of Comunica