Lex (Athens) & John Chouliaras, 2 guys with a long lasting contribution to music.

One is one of the Quantized music owners while the other one participating in Walk The Night, Odyssia Festival, Flow Productions.

You can hear them DJing almost everywhere in Greece and many times around Europe.

Let's see what more we can learn about them

The Messenger :  Hello guys and thank you for your great music. Let's start with meeting you. How you got into music, how everything started? 

Lex : Everything started somewhere in the early 90s when i went for the first time at the legendary Alsos club in Athens. I remember that at the big stage there was a Sunrise Zone party but the thing that really blew my mind was Akylla playing at the Lab floor. That was the day that totally changed my life!

John Chouliaras : I just always liked 2 things! Basketball and music! Basketball gone, the music stayed!

TM : So if we go together to a trip, what music we will listen at your car?

JC : Mostly something more midtempo. From Chet Faker and Thievery Corp. to Aphex Twin and Omar S.

Lex : In my car you will listen to absolutely nothing!!! I listen to so much music all day for my work that the last thing i need when i get into the car is more music


TM : Vinyl , CD or Laptop? What do you guys prefer?

Lex : As a former record shop owner i would say vinyl! CD or USB are cool also but nothing compares to vinyl. I play mostly with USB lately though!

JC : Over the years I've gone through it all! Certainly not missing my cd! Laptops sometimes are necessary because plenty of shops do not meet the specifications of a booth! Finally the vinyl is definitely the best feeling when you're mixing! And to finally answer the question , i prefer Usb and Disks!


TM : With your latest release already out, the 7th  for Comunica records,  you got to tell us the 'story' behind the piece you produced along with  the acclaimed remixer who listens to the name Ekkohaus.

Lex : There is no any particular story behind the track. Its just a track i did with John and we are very happy to release it on Comunica! About Ekkohaus i really have no words for this guy!! He is an amazing artist and a fantastic person!We have played a few times together, he has done 2 remixes for my label and its an absolute pleasure to know him

JC : A long time now we were  trying to do something  with Alex but nothing very well came out , usually my fault! When finally we did it the result was this ep.



TM : What do you think are the most important moments in your career?

Lex : The most important moment in my career is Radical Soundz. It was a record shop i started in 2002 and put me professionally into the world of music. Apart of that as a dj i think most of my gigs abroad are the most important moments. Output in New York, Culture Box in Copenhagen, Wanderlust in Paris, Sishyphos and Chalet in Berlin, Rioma, Fever and Bleu in Mexico CIty, NL in Amsterdam just to name a few.

JC : I hope the most important didn't come yet!But the most beautiful was certainly during the production of Odyssia Festival held last summer at Cariocas.
Epic times!

It is a pleasure having you guys on the label. CMNC007 is a top quality release and we can feel the love it gets from everyone. Couldn't expect anything less from your Comunicasts

Comunicast #012 and #013. Two hours full of house music only for your hearing pleasure





Keep in touch with the guys  on the links bellow

Lex : Soundcloud RA Facebook
John Chouliaras : Facebook


The Messenger of Comunica