Another chapter gets added to the ever increasing roster of talent, that's strongly shaping up the foundations of Pursuit.

On the heels of his debut EP, Dennis Apec is delivering once again a peak time monolith. A true euphoric smorgasbord of melodies and thunderous beats only he can deliver. Switching gears, Rob Hes welcomes the talented LAAT to Pursuit. After a slew of releases that the two released together, they are back once again to bring you Creepin. A melodic behemoth that is showcasing what happens when these two forces join in the studio.

Friends of the family Duss bring us another acid infused hypnotizer that is surely delivering the goods, whereas Berlanga also makes his return after his recent Sismo EP, to give us the excellent Tacana.
And for closing duties we welcome new kids on the block 2088 and Comunica, both bringing us that dark brooding sound that we at Pursuit are all about. Please enjoy this collective of art and dedication.

Wild Cards | Pursuit