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We are super pleased to welcome back Groefer with a brand new EP on Comunica.
On the 1st track 'Hous'em' you will find that deep and warm House sound we got to know Groefer for when we first crossed paths. 'Kid's Play' is an exploration into the feeling of hopefulness and uncertainty that comes with looking towards a future state that is unknown. It's steered by bouncing bassline and the chord progression has a driving groove with a slow reveal. This one carefully unmasks itself and shows its true colors towards the tail-end, leaving you with 'It's Kinda House'.
It's 'Kinda House' is a balance between light and dark, soft and hard, speeding up and slowing down. The rhythm section drives this one forward, but the melodic elements are slowly pulling back at it, leaving you somewhere in the middle. It's a musical attempt of trying to mix oil into water and having one float on top of the other