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Debuting at Comunica and starting 2018, Droict offers up Epica Manga EP maiden LP of vast and varied sonic states.
Get set for an intense journey from a dark and tense mood to an epic and positive state of mind.
Epika Manga EP it's about the brutal yet delicate ways through which life forces one overcome rigid patterns. And it does it through all synchronicities, encounters and accidents that speaks to both mind and soul, especially when one goes further looking for a deeper meaning. The tracks order speaks about this journey.
'Epica Manga' is like a dark descent to a post-apocalyptic, retro themed era, 'Ghost Hosting' is an immersion in the debris of this fragmented land, the acknowledgment of confusion, and the quest for an exit, while 'Open Horizon' is the feeling of knowing that there's always a way out, like entering a new territory, full of possibilities, strengthened by this tensed trip, but preserving the memories of it.
The dense atmosphere of Epica Manga is a created through sparse sound effects and eerie vocal samples, backed up by rolling acid bass riffs, slow motion drums and haunting melodies.
One foot in the past, one foot in the future and killing the present - a perfect and timely addition to the Comunica canon.